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In our house in Nemi, we have for rent an apartment on the ground floor with private entrance, perfect for 2 but with room for 4. The apartment consist of one bedroom with personal shower and toilet, one livingroom with sofa bed, a small kitchen and one additional bathroom with shower. There is wifi, but no TV.

Outside the apartment you find the little fountain with the wolfes head, that gave the name to our apartment. The inspiration came from Caligulas ship that Mussolini had put out from the Nemi lake, the fountain is from his days. The original bronce of the wolfes head is in Rome at the Museo Nazionale Romano. The running water is of best quality and comes from the nearby mountains.

The apartment is located in the oldest part of the house, from the 1600s. This means that the walls are very thick and there is no need of air conditioning, the rooms are always cool. During the cold season the apartment is warmed up.

Our Appartamento is recommended by Traveller’s Condè Nast, Financial Times and Bell'Italia for quality and price.

Please contact me for more information, prices and bookings! Welcome to Nemi and Mamma Marias appartamento!

Maria Tengler Galzignato

Tel: +39 06-93 68 147, mobile +39 347-501 24 58, e-mail
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Welcome inside!

Nemi 1929
Nemi 1929 at the first edition of the "Sagra delle fragole", right outside "La Fontanella"

dukat bord i nemi
Beautiful Nemi

Nemi 1929
Nemi 1929 at the first edition of the "Sagra delle fragole"

The feared Caligula

In Nemi the time is standing still...

Nemi seen from the lake

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på svenska

Bedroom with double bed

Livingroom with sofa bed

Appartamento La fontanella

Bathroom with shower

La fontanella's little kitchen

Time for breakfast

Homely in the house from the 1600s

Relaxing holiday

Breakfast in the sun


Take a bath in the mythical Nemi lake

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