Italian cooking course in
Mamma Maria's roman kitchen

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Spice up your stay in Rome with a cooking course in beautiful Nemi!

My cooking skills have I learned above all by my mother-in-law, Nonna Lidia, who learned from her mother. They were seven children and she got up early every morning to prepare and cook the food for the whole family. The childrens favorite dish was "Abbacchio Scappato" ("Run away lamb"), an ovensafe plate filled with vegetables in a delicious mixture of potato wedges, peppers, onions, eggplant and rosemary... But where is the lamb, then? "It has run away", said the mother. There were bad times so they had to cook good meals from what was available.

That is the finesse of Italian cuisine – simple but very tasty! Come to my cooking course and learn the tricks of the Italian cuisine!

Me and my family had a restaurant where I cooked for hungry Romans who come here to Nemi during the weekend and they did not realize it was a Swedish woman in the kitchen and how she had managed to learn to cook like a true Roman housewife!

We have our own production of wine and olive oil in the valley. We let the wine mature in the ancient caves of lapillo-stone where the temperature is the same all year round. In the winery I also grow all my vegetables, which I also conserve for the winter needs. I make pesto, sott'oli (vegetables preserved in olive oil), tomato sauce and jam of all our fruits, figs, peaches, kiwi, prickly pear, citrus fruits, etc. Even the winter down here gives us a lot of good vegetables, such as broccoli, broccoletti and fennel – the food I cook is therefor seasonal.

Why not spice up your stay in Rome with a day out in the country – we cook, either in my country kitchen or down in the vineyard right next to the Goddess Diana's temple. In my country kitchen I can receive 2–8 persons, with larger groups we might also stay in the vineyard, all depending on the weather.

Nemi is in itself worth the trip! An idyllic medieval village with many attractions, including Museo dei Navi Romani – Caligula's stately ship, and Diana's temple, where women went in the ancient world for help with fertility and childbirth.

Would you like to stay a day and enjoy the beautiful scenery and perhaps take a dip in the fabled crater lake, we also have a B & B.

Nemi is located about 30 km from the center of Rome, in the Castelli Romani area. Nemi is to be reached by train or bus.

For more information and prices please contact me so we can set up a program together.

Tel: +39 06-93 68 147, mobile +39 347-501 24 58, e-mail

Welcome to Nemi and Mamma Marias's roman kitchen!

Maria Tengler Galzignato


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fiat bus
Go on a daytrip in the villages around Nemi in Mamma Maria's "fiat bus"
(in the photo decorated for an event in Nemi)

Olive grove in Nemi
Olive grove in the valley

Aperitivo in the wineyard

The italian food...
The italian food...

Lunch on the terrace
Lunch on the terrace

Self-produced wine
Self-produced wine

shop in nemi
Shop in Nemi

Nonna Lidia
Nonna Lidia's cookbook from 1905

Nonno Ignazio with tomato from the kitchen garden

Cucina romana – Roman kitchen


At Mamma Maria's

Nonna Lidia's ancestress, Ludovica Vistarini,
in Cortile di Bramante close to Piazza Navona in Rome.

Roman cat

Maria’s marmalades for sale

in italiano
på svenska

Maria in the vegetable garden

Leave the tourist crowd behind and go to Nemi instead for a day of cooking!

Four happy chefs

Nettles for the risotto risotto

Mamma Maria harvests

A group of Swedes ready to cook

Freshly harvested figs

Zucchini flowers

 Cooking course in Rome
Cooking course in Rome

 Italian cooking as good as it get
Italian cooking as good as it get

Cooking course in the "Pompei hall"

Masterchefs to be...

Home made italian cooking
Home made italian cooking

Mamma Maria

Cooking together

Inspiring environment

Filled zucchiniflowers...

... frying in the pan

 Cooking course in Marias kitchen
Cooking course in Marias kitchen

Traditional italian cooking
Traditional italian cooking

The beautiful Pompei-inspired hall, with art from the familys Grand Tour collection

Italian cooking course in the country kitchen

Unforgettable day at Maria's
Unforgettable day at Maria's

A big pan for a lot of food!

More flour for the ladies...

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