Visit Mamma Maria's little wineyard in beautiful Nemi!

In our little wineyard we choose to follow the rules of Mother Earth. No interferance of chemical products in the wineyard except the minimum needed to help the plant. Click here for the analysis of Il Furioso.

To make an authentic product without compromises, respecting the nature and maintain a high quality, requests commitment... 2013 was the first year the product was bottled – we started in 2004 – having obtained a unique wine of finest quality. Only about 4.000 numbered bottles, a blend of Nero d'Avola and Monte Pulciano d'Abruzzo, which had matured since 2011 in a ancient cave of lapillo rock where the temperature is the same all year round, about 8° C.

The wine is named after the emperor who loved this place; Il Furioso Caigulae with his proverb on the bottle Oderint Dum Metuant.

Every year we try new methods of cutting the plant. The last year we cut it very short, only an "eye".

The vineyard is situated on the sunny side of the fertile Nemi valley, right next to the crater lake where Caligula had built enormous ships in honour of Goddess Diana. The cultivation is located on ancient terraces, made hundreds of years ago by industrious hands. The total area is about 4 ha, of which 2 are vineyard. We also grow for example olives, hazelnuts and citrus fruits, with the same philosophy. No chemical intervention! An environment where the sensitive bees and bumblebees, along with butterflies, thrives.

Mamma Maria will be happy, for those who wish, to arrange a lunch in the vineyard. For example to celebrate a birthday or simply to enjoy a homemade lunch "all'italiana" in a fantastic environment. It's also possible to arrange a wine tasting with local delicacies.

Welcome to Nemi and Mamma Marias's roman kitchen and wineyard!

Maria Tengler Galzignato

Tel: +39 06-93 68 147, mobile +39 347-501 24 58, e-mail


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skörd av druvor
Fiat from 1952 ,used mainly at the harvest of the grapes

Calendula is growing wild beneath the stocks

The wineyard at sunset

gröna druvor
Green grapes

nemi and the lake
The wineyard with Nemi and the lake behind

beautiful flowers
Beautiful flowers

Il Furioso Caigulae
Il Furioso Caigulae

in italiano
på svenska

il furioso
"Il Furioso", the self-produced wine – without any sulfites added! 2013 is the first year that the wine is available to buy, in 5.000 numbred bottles.

skörd av vindruvor
Mamma Maria at harvest

Italian wine
The grapes

The cultivation by the volcanic lake

Storage of the wine in the cave
Storage of the wine in the cave

Mamma Maria and daughter presenting “Il furioso” at the “Taste of Roma” fair.

carciofi alla matticiella
Twigs gathered after the cutting and used for glow on which you grill stuffed artichokes, carciofi alla Matticella, a tradition typical for the Castelli Romani area

Homemade wine
Buy homemade wine

the wineyard in rome
The wineyard

Harvest of the grapes

the wineyard in nemi
Time to reap

wineyard in nemi
The wineyard in the walley

roman cat

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