Walk with Mamma Maria in the roman countryside "la campagna romana"!

A walking tour in "La Campagna Romana", the Roman countryside, will be a memory for life. That all roads lead to Rome is something most people probably heard of, and it is true! There are plenty of trails and ancient roads that offers a nature and a scenery so beautiful that they almost takes our breath away. A hike for body and soul! And Maria knows her way around...

We have many hiking trails to choose from depending on your preferences, and we recommend a long weekend to get the most out of the experience, maybe also combined with a cooking course? Naturally, we adapt the walking tour to your needs and expectations. A hike with us means a blend of botany, archeology, fine food and art, just a few steps away from Rome.

We walk through the woods and fields, open landscape with mountains in the distance and we pass ancient villages, each with its own special atmosphere. Join us to experience the same idylls like so many people before us – artists who passed through here during the Grand Tour and not least the swedish King Gustav VI, also him fond of "la campagna romana"!

Welcome to Nemi and the beautiful surroundings with Mamma Maria walking tours!

Maria Tengler Galzignato

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Painting by Camille Corot, father of the impressionism, the wiew is the same today...

Sunset over La campagna romana

Goethe with the Roman Countryside behind

Desert house by the road in an early morning

The magic of sunrise

Lunch break under the fig-tree outside the emissary, wich was built
by the Etruscans 500 b.c., to keep the over fload water from the lake
away from Diana's temple which was built in the same period.

Take a look inside the emissary...

... which Mussolini used to drain the Nemi lake in order to be able to pull out
Caligulas ship and put it in the museum "Museo delle Navi Romane",
that we visit during the walk.

Caligula's ship

"Museo delle Navi Romane" in Nemi

på svenska

Via Appia Antica, the oldest road from the roman empire still present, build 312 b.c.

A happy family during a walk around the Nemi lake

Group of colleagues during a walk around the Nemi lake, before the lunch was to be served in the winery…

Roman landscape

Come along!

Walking on the old pilgrimade road Via Francigena del sud, that passes thrugh Nemi

All roads lead to Rome...



Sunset over the lake of Nemi and the Tyrrrhenian sea in the distance

Swedish king Gustav VI having lunch in Nemi, also him liked La Campagna Romana!

The walls of Diana's temple

Wild strawberries and painting by Wilhelm Palm, one of the swedish Grand Tour artists

Via Appia Antica

Antiques from the past along the way

Beautiful handmade baskets for sale during our walking tour

Wild violets

The mystique of the Nemi lake

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